Today’s generation finds their dates online which is kind of cool. If you are on a dating app and willing to find a date. These are the five mistakes you should avoid to find a good partner.

· Posting bad photos or no photos

Please take that childhood photo, scenery, animals out from your profile. It is really not needed there. Your profile picture is the most important part of your profile. And if you make a mistake there, then everything is messed up. Your first impression should be a good one so don’t do this wrong. Also, your photos shouldn’t be edited which makes you look quite different than the original self. Misrepresenting yourself is a big no-no. You’ll be anyway caught on your first date.

· Don’t lie In your profile

Don’t lie about yourself in your bio. Answer the questionnaires honestly. Don’t lie about your job, interests, etc. Just to act cool. Your relationship shouldn’t be built on the foundation of a lie, it will surely fall over.

· Stop waiting for someone to act first

If you find someone interesting take the initiative, you can’t always take the back seat and want things to go your way. This won’t happen.If you like someone slide into their DMs.

· Don’t trust too soon

While you use any dating apps, don’t ignore your safety. It’s important to realise a lot of people fake information and even their pictures. Even if you feel you are connecting to them, see the situation from a wider perspective. Don’t let yourself in a bad situation. The location of your dates should be public places until you completely trust the other person.

· Don’t be picky

When you are finding a date online you have many choices at your fingertips but don’t be picky and wish to have someone perfect, No one is perfect. This kind of behaviour will take you nowhere and you won’t be able to find anyone suitable to you.