The universe is unimaginable and its mysteries are never-ending. A tiny part of such a marvellous universe is our mother earth. And even though she is just a little part of this universe, the earth still has her logic and mysteries. We all know and have studied since school that earth revolves around the sun in 365days (one revolution) and rotates about its axis in 24 hours (one rotation). This raises silly but still logical questions in the minds of ordinary people like us. Sometimes we even wonder what will happen it earth stops spinning!! Will there be day or night all year long? Thoughts like these are scary since such an invention would pose a huge threat to humanity.

Unlike a ceiling fan or a globe that rotates in a gaseous environment, Earth rotates in space. The air around us will make it difficult for any rotating item to keep its pace, and eventually force it to come to an end. Earth rotates in a vacuum. There is no medium in space. Hence the earth will never stop spinning, now or future. Some scientists still suggest that Earth has lost some of its speed since its creation. No one is still sure about that, but Earth will never stop spinning.

If due to some misfortune, Earth does stop spinning, what happens then? There won’t be a day and night system any more. Half part of the Earth will experience day and the other half will leave in darkness. People in the day section will suffer from the scorching heat due to constant sunlight. The natural habitat will slowly perish. Trees will soon be dry and we will have a scarcity of Oxygen. Similar but opposite in the night section, people will live in the coldest weather any century has ever witnessed. Lack of sunlight will slowly degrade all the trees eliminating Oxygen source. The real events might still vary. However, this is just for us to imagine, and thank God for creating a perfectly balanced universe. We should cherish each day and live in harmony.