Loss of food and wastage happens when eatable food is lost all through the food esteem chain: at ranch level, during handling and cooking, and toward the finish of the chain from shops or in purchasers’ grasp. As per the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, 30% of food is squandered universally over the graceful chain, contributing 8% of absolute worldwide ozone-depleting substance emanations. An incredible 1.3 billion tons of food are squandered every year while 135 million individuals face intense appetite. While we normal civilians won’t care enough to think about this fact, it highly affects and hurts the people who give their heart and soul to cultivate this food.

Farmers spend their blood and sweat towards the ultimate goal of cultivating as much food grains as they can for the population to consume. The day we throw away a piece of bread, we are actually throwing away an hour of a farmer’s hard work in vain. This is why we are taught in school that wasting food is as bad as stealing or robbing. However, we still unknowingly or knowingly end up wasting food during parties, celebrations or even at home when we choose to take more than we can eat in our plates.

The only aim here is to get inspire and inspire everyone else to stop wasting food for the sake of poor unfortunate people and also for the sake of hard-working farmers. We often feel embarrassed to take the food twice and hence we fill up our plates with as much as we can without considering how much we can eat or our capacity. Once we get full, the only option left it to throw away the plate along with remaining food in it. These small things are what lead to wastage of food when a majority of us do it. Lets us start teaching our children the importance of hard work by the farmers and inspire them not to waste food. Teach them the rule of ‘finish what you take’.