A flood is a state when all the places in an area get filled with water from continuous heavy rainfall or rise in sea level due to rapid melting of ice. But those are all the natural reasons why water flooding occurs. As usual, we as humans are highly responsible for some of the factors that promote floods. In some areas, even little drops of rain create a flood-like situation. This is because humans obstruct the working of nature. The collection of rainwater occurs in two different ways, through water bodies and land.

The large water bodies like lakes, canals, ponds and gutters that lead the are all the sources that have the capacity to hold any amount of water. Similarly, the water seeps into the land that is not covered in tiles or concrete. Even if the land is covered with concrete there at least have to be a drainage system that allows the rainwater to flow in the nearest water body or river to the ocean. When these factors are not met, the water has no place to settle and it logs the streets. The highly increasing infrastructures and skyscrapers are only making it difficult for the water to seep in the ground or reach the ocean. Talking about proper drainage systems, extensive use of plastic that goes untreated blocks the sewers and restricts the flow of water.

For an effective flow of water and prevention against waterlogging, a proper discharging source should be designed for every infrastructure. Instead of patching the entire land with pavements and concrete, empty surfaces should be left as a mini-garden or parking spot. This way the water will have some way to seep into the ground. Banning plastic has to be practised strictly since the untreated waste plastic ends up in the drainage system. Engineers must come up with better ideas to make this water reach its destination. Architects and developers must redesign the drainage system for effective water flow. Floods cause huge damage to not just humans but poor helpless animals too. No one can stop it from raining continuously, but we sure can make arrangements for the water to flow where it is supposed to!