Whenever we understand a person’s feelings, we express it by saying, ‘I know how you feel, I’ve been there.’ Having experienced the same experience as someone else it is important to fully acknowledge another person’s emotional experience.

As per the research conducted in America, it was found that people who have similar experiences tend to have accuracy in understanding other people’s emotional states.

Experiences are powerful and shared experiences create a meaningful bond. When you go to the same place with the same person again, where you shared an experience, it magnifies the memory. Going out on a trip where you had the same and life changing experience along with the other people builds a bond. However, it can either fade or get stronger.

Sharing experiences with others helps you to connect with them. Connection is an integral part of living in a community. You live life based on the context of the relationship. Since connection is important, shared experiences are also essential to build a deeper connection. With our community we share spiritual experiences.

Talking about the deep and meaningful transformations in our lives with others helps us to connect with them uniquely and the people we share such experiences with understand us on another level like no one else does.

One should understand shared experiences and the need for it but you shouldn’t expect the relationship to grow beyond those shared experiences. One must realize the power of shared experience and take extra caution especially while deciding to share experiences with others.

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