Criticism is often considered negative, but it is a very important factor that helps a person’s personal and professional growth. It all depends on the way you consider it. Criticism can be a way you learn, grow, understand, and deal with things. Here are reasons why criticism is necessary.

1) Understanding The Weak Point: Criticism lets you know the areas you lack skills in. And once you identify your weakness, it becomes easy to work and improve. In addition, real feedback about your work will make you better every day.

2) Broadening Prospective: Criticism exposes various opinions and perspectives. It challenges your present beliefs and enables you to look for alternative solutions in different matters. In this process, you learn to accept, understand and grow different opinions.

3) Self-Reflection: Another important thing it does is that criticism helps you analyze your behavior, actions, and emotions, which enables you to understand yourself better. And this helps you to understand the thing that hinders your progress and over through it.

4) Learning: Criticism makes you understand that you can be wrong and that there is nothing to be. But you should learn to accept and try to learn what you don’t know. You can constantly learn, evolve and strive for success and peace.

In conclusion, criticism is healthy for a person’s growth and allows them to learn and succeed.