Spirituality is a feeling of recognition or a belief that there is some greater power, something that goes beyond sensory experience. It is the belief in the cosmic and divine power of nature.

Spirituality is a part of life that helps you find meaning and purpose in life. It involves the practice of philosophy, religion or the way of living. It is a state where you develop a connection with God or the world of spirits.

Praying daily is an example of spirituality. Other examples are meditation, yoga, being in the presence of nature, pondering over oneself or self-reflection.

Here is how spirituality affects one’s self.

  • It helps people to develop good connections with themselves and those around them. They also try to connect with the unknown.
  • Spirituality builds a sense of purpose and gives meaning to your life. It also develops the rays of hope and peace as well.
  • It helps to overcome various psychological problems such as anxiety, pain and distress.
  • It may help you to deal with stress and give you a sense of control over yourself. You may experience a boost in your confidence and self-esteem.
  • It improves your physical well being, functional abilities and maintains your overall health.
  • It is a cure in times of sickness. When you are unwell, your inner strength awakens, speeding up your recovery.
  • People suffering from mental health issues seek refuge by talking to a religious or spiritual person.

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