Each and every person on the earth should be righteous. If not, we should at least try to become so. We may all have some good qualities that people know us by and those are the qualities that make us different from the people who commit sins and crimes and people with negative qualities. While one of us many be generously kind, another person may be honest to everyone by all means. Some of us may even be good at lying and deceiving or some of us may even be very helpful by nature. All these qualities make us who we are and become our character. However, to be righteous, one must possess more than just a single characteristic quality, and he/she must be immensely strong to be truthful to themself. Here are some attributes of a righteous person: –

  • An exemplary individual carries on with an innocent life or walks around straightforwardly without fear.
  • Somebody who is equitable works nobility.
  • Honest individuals talk about reality from their heart.
  • They won’t gossip about others or slander.
  • They won’t do evil to their neighbour.
  • Equitable individuals don’t acknowledge negative reactions or disgrace from others concerning their friends or family.
  • Equitable individuals will not talk about awful things about their neighbours or companions.
  • An equitable individual avoids being in contact with toxic individuals.
  • They stay faithful to their commitments or promises or pledges at all expense.
  • An honest individual doesn’t loan cash to help someone and expect a huge interest to profit from their misery.
  • They will not accept hush money.
  • An honest individual secures the innocent and weak consistently.
  • Righteous individuals are caring and circumspect to poor people and animals as well.

If you even try to practice one attribute, you get one step closer to being righteous. Do not rush and try to imbibe all the qualities at once inside you. Take a single quality and try to follow it until you become habitual to that quality and it comes to you by instinct.