Elastic Ribbon Bookmark

This craft is simpler than it appears, using only elastic hair ties, ribbons, and buttons. To fix the ends, the tutorial suggests using a sewing machine, but you could also use a stapler or glue gun.

Crochet Harry Potter Bookmarks

This pattern can be used to make a scarf in the colors of your favorite house if you know how to do a single crochet stitch.

Ribbon Tassel Bookmarks

You may make a colorful new place holder with a paperclip and a few snips of colored ribbons.

Photo Bookmarks

We all know how much fun it is for our students to get their pictures taken! Take a few photos of your pupils carrying a fictitious balloon, then print and laminate the photos before attaching them to colored tassels.

Mustache Bookmark

We’re not sure why mustaches are so amusing, but we’re confident that when your kids see this location marker, they’ll smile. Cut out the mustache from black construction paper using the template provided in the link below, and then connect a crosspiece to secure it in place from behind.

Paint Sample Bookmark

Gather some free paint samples from your local hardware store, add some colorful ribbon strands, and give your pupils a Sharpie to create their own masterpiece.

Recycled Book Pages Bookmark

These vintage-style bookmarks are fantastic! Laminate the strips before adding the ribbon to make them more durable. Read the entire post for ten more interesting creative ideas with old books!

Paper Clip–Heart Bookmark

All you need are pink paper clips and strong fingers to make this quick and easy project.

Duct Tape Bookmark

Do you remember when duct tape was only available in black? With all of the bright prints available these days, there is something for everyone. Step-by-step folding instructions can be found on the blog.

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