China has launched a self-driving train that runs on virtual tracks and has been developed by the Chinese company CRRC Corporations. It was first started on the streets of Zhuzhou in the Hunan Province of China. This Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) has the capacity to reduce emissions and traffic. It would save the cost of building a subway or a streetcar system.

This trackless train, ART, has the capacity to transport around 300 passengers in its three carriages through various cities at the speed of 43 miles per hour. This 100 percent electric train doesn’t require any train tracks, instead, it runs on the dotted lines which are painted on the streets and are aided by sensors.

The trackless train is considered to be a hybrid of buses and a tram which is completely powered by electricity. As per the reports by Channel NewsAsia, the ART has the power to speed up public transportation in Zhuzhou. After charging it for 10 minutes it can run over 15 miles. Some sources have mentioned that it contains lithium titanate batteries and it charges with the flash charging facility.

The 103 feet long ART has rubber tires instead of steel wheels. Since it has a twin-head system, it permits the train to travel without making a U-turn. The lifespan of this trackless train is deemed to be of about 25 years. This automated train without a driver is less expensive compared to the typical subway in China.

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