The top 5 most disliked videos on YouTube are as follows:

Can this video get 1 million dislikes? – PewDiePie (5.15 million dislikes)

As the title suggests, PewDiePie’s request was granted by his subscribers and other viewers. He earned 4.14 million additional dislikes in addition to the requested 1 million. He already has 105 million followers, so it is not shocking that they would do anything for him.

YouTube Rewind 2018 – YouTube (18.67 million dislikes)

The website that came up with the concept for YouTube videos has gotten the most negative feedback. This is true since the video is too long and took longer than necessary (eight minutes) to study the highlights that make people uncomfortable. Additionally, it is unstructured and has awkward clips.

Sadak 2 Trailer – Fox Star Studios (13.35 million dislikes)

In just 24 hours after going public on August 20, 2020, the Sadak 2 trailer earned 4.2 million dislikes. Within a short period of time, it rose to the position of second-most hated YouTube video. Because of the continuous nepotism in Bollywood, this video has drawn criticism.

Baby – Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris (11.94 million dislikes)

Despite having more than 13 million likes, this video has 11.94 million dislikes. Fans and watchers can’t agree on whether or not this video is good.

Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories (10.79 million dislikes)

Despite being highly popular among kids, this song still earned the most negative reviews. It is assumed that annoyed parents who wanted to listen to something different for a change of pace must have used the dislike button. Views have surpassed 5 billion.

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