Almost every state in India proclaims its native food to be the best in the country, stating that it can be found nowhere else. If the word “food” brings a grin to your face every time you hear it, these cities should go on your bucket list.


For foodies, the Indian capital is also renowned as the food capital of India. Delhi has some of India’s best street cuisine and is well-known for a variety of street foods such as Chaat, Chhole Bhature, and the incredible Butter Chicken. Nihari, Moth Kachori, Daulat ki Chaat, and Kesar Lassi are among the must-try foods in Delhi.


Kolkata is one of those cities for foodies that never let them down when it comes to food. This city has it all, from sweets to melt your lips to the greatest Kathi Rolls that leave a lingering taste in your mouth. When in Kolkata, don’t miss the authentic Chinese food in Chinatown, as well as the Phuchka, Mughlai paratha, and cutlets from North Kolkata’s small lanes.


In the city of Chennai, among all the other Indian cities for foodies, one will find the most authentic South Indian cuisine. Lip-smacking delights such as coiled and crunchy murukkus, mohinga, and kothu parotta are readily available in this Indian city. There are many places in Chennai where the food is as traditional as it gets. Local Taminial dishes like set idli and dosa are served in the Mint Street and Snow Carpet districts. Nobody can deny that idli and dosas are among India’s most popular and well-known dishes.


Dharamshala is known for its Tibetan monasteries and trekking paths since it is nestled in the Dhauladhar Mountain range. Unlike other Indian cities for foodies, this Indian city’s cuisine is influenced by Tibetan culture, and you’ll discover momo, thupkas, and shady served in the most genuine style a foodie could dream of. Dharamshala’s food is unquestionably among India’s greatest.


It is a charming town in Kerala that is known for its lush green backwaters and houseboats. Among all the other Indian towns for foodies, this one is famed for producing some of the most delicious curries that have moved around the world. Kerala is noted for producing some of India’s most well-known cuisines. The greatest spots to eat delicious food in Alleppey are on the houseboats and in the main town.


Even though Amritsar is better known as a pilgrimage site, you should know that it has the best Punjabi cuisine of any Indian city for foodies. The buttery Paronthe, the tastiest Lassi, and the boiling hot Jalebi are a must-try for sweet-toothed foodies. You also can’t afford to miss the Golden Temple’s Langar.

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