Recently, your buddy came out as LGBT. How would you respond at first? Whatever it may be, passing judgment on it is never appropriate. At the end of the day, all your buddy wants from you is your support, care, and love; they don’t want you to judge them.

While you must be involved to show them your support, you run the risk of harming them in the process. You inquire how. While certain things could seem hilarious to you, your LGBT friend’s psyche might be permanently damaged.

Here are three things you never should say to a buddy who has recently come out as LGBT.

1. I hope you’re not interested in me.

You should never ever say this to your buddy who has just come out as LGBT, regardless of whether it makes you laugh or not. They could find it humiliating, insulting, and painful, and if it’s severe enough for them, they might even begin to avoid you—not because they are harboring animosity against you but rather out of fear that you would judge them harshly once more.

2. When did you decide to start acting this way?

Again, this is a condescending and offensive statement. It is crucial that you hold back from saying things that are insulting and morally repugnant while yet expressing your support for them. The Internet should be your source if you are too interested to ask around the neighborhood.

3. Share it with your relatives.
A passionate man is an alpha male. He is not interested in giving up or following the crowd. Their fantasies are limitless. They are committed and utterly certain of their skills. They also avoid gossiping and judging people since they squander their time.

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