The Indian holiday season is the ideal time of year to revamp your home’s appearance. The venue exudes a good feel because of the enduring revitalized vitality. Every year, we try to improve certain aspects of our living space by painting, adding new furniture, redoing the upholstery, or adding lighting to make the most of it. However, maintaining a pollution-free home is equally crucial.

For a tidy and pollution-free living area, consider these home décor suggestions:

1. House-cleaning

Cleaning the property completely is the first thing to do before renovating or redecorating it. The first job is to remove any dust and other contaminating elements from the home. However, blowing dry dust and debris out of the house during house cleaning is a fairly frequent error that adds to the local air pollution.

2.Select low-VOC items

Chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in a variety of building materials, including paint, cement, adhesives, primer, furnishings, and PVC components. Over time, these VOCs evaporate into the air and are responsible for a number of health issues, including headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, and allergic reactions.

3.Keep an eye out for smoke and dampness

Smoke and wetness are two extremely important aspects when it comes to pollution. Make sure the home is well-ventilated and that the kitchen has a chimney.

4. Plants aren’t the last, either!

An evergreen way to improve the atmosphere of your house is with plants. In addition to being incredibly appealing, indoor plants also assist to purify the air and reduce pollutants.


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