Pune has a variety of adventure sports available in addition to its sights and entertainment. The city, which is bursting with youth, offers a broad variety of exciting athletic activities. Paintball, hiking, and rappelling are just a few of the conventional sports that have been set up in and around the city. Bring out your inner “Sports-geek” since we have selected some fascinating adventure sports for you to try in Pune.

1.Going for a hike to Sinhagad fort

A popular place for trekking right now is the city’s old fort. In the morning and evening, both young people and older people climb the fort. Along with a flotilla of visitors, students who adore trekking are flooding the region.

2.Wall Climbing Artificial

On enormous man-made walls, this thrilling wall-climbing pastime is practiced. Because it is absolutely safe and exhilarating, this sport has attracted a lot of young people who like a little adventure. The climber overcomes the pull of gravity with the assistance of a safety rope.


Have you ever played out a pretend war scenario with paint-loaded firearms, saving everyone as the gallant hero? Therefore, this is your Disneyland. As paintball weapons are distributed to groups of individuals, you enter with your buddies and attempt to protect yourself from the colored projectiles.


This picturesque waterfall may be seen in Madhe Ghat, a stunning location close to Pune, which draws visitors, particularly during the rainy season. That is not all, though! Rappelling, a thrilling and active activity, is also practiced nearby the flowing waterfall from a height of 120 feet. It wouldn’t be much more of an adventure if you perished while sliding down the slope in the gushing water!

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