Composition is an important aspect of outstanding photography. This refers to the arrangement of the components in an image and how they interact with one another. The rule of thirds, in which the subject of the photograph is positioned off-center to produce a more dynamic image, and leading lines, in which lines in the scene draw the viewer’s attention towards the topic, are two basic composition strategies.

Light is another crucial part of photography. Understanding how to use light to your advantage is critical to producing amazing photographs. Light is the crucial component that makes photography possible. Natural and artificial light, for example, may be employed to create diverse moods and atmospheres in an image. Natural light, for example, during the golden hour (just before or after sunset) may generate warm, soft light that is ideal for portraiture or landscapes.

Focus and exposure are crucial aspects of photography in addition to composition and lighting. The sharpness of the picture and how much of the shot is in focus are referred to as focus. The amount of light admitted into the camera is referred to as exposure.

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