How many times have you been treated poorly or bullied by someone? How often people have wronged you or did something just to hurt? Every person in his life has been through or experienced such a situation in his life. If your reaction to these acts was anger, vengeance and aggressive behaviour, then it is unfortunate to conclude that you still haven’t developed emotional maturity. Taking revenge or doing something to hurt the people who have wronged you is very much comparable to acts that a school going child would do. It is very easy to hurt someone. It is very much simple to deliver hatefully or hurting words to someone. But it is that much difficult you understand their side and mental state. It is similarly difficult to see yourself in their place and try to feel how they are feeling.

Particularly when someone tries to hurt you, it may be because of jealousy, hatred or maybe something about you annoys them. When you realise that you went through all the trouble and were sad for most of the time and all because it was the doing of a certain person who carries hate against you, it is anything but difficult to remain calm and think rationally. The first thing that comes to your mind is to hurt the person either emotionally or physically. But both these options are a sign of immaturity. A mature adult would take his time, analyse his feelings and come to a peaceful solution that will deescalate all the tensions between both.

It is always difficult to be the bigger person and forgive someone. It actually takes courage and understanding to do so. Real maturity is when you hold back your negative feelings and get over the fact that something or someone has hurt you. This is certainly not something that you can develop within a day. It may take time, even a year or more, especially if you have an aggressive personality. Take your time and always try to hold back from engaging in an argument or a fight, because that is the real maturity.