The northern lights are coloured glow beams or drapes seen in the night sky, and are one of numerous celestial phenomena known as polar lights (aurora polaris). The effect is easy to explain on a primitive level. It is formed when electrically energetic particles from the sun collide with those in the earth’s atmosphere.

Polar lights (aurora polaris) are a spectacular natural phenomena that can be seen in both the north and south poles. The northern lights, also known as ‘aurora borealis’ , are visible at night when the sky is gloomy. It’s like a cosmic dance of light, with a colour scheme of green, blue, and occasionally pink and violet, flowing all over the night sky. The southern lights are known as ‘aurora australis’

Just to see the Northern Lights in the Arctic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They normally emerge between August and April throughout the night time of the year, even throughout the winter in lucky areas.

The Northern Lights aren’t your usual daily view when shopping, walking home from school, or taking public transport to work. The Northern Lights are visible very rarely.

Traveling to see the Northern Lights necessitates planning and preparation, notably if you are not in the northern hemisphere. It’s not very often that you see these lights, so make sure you plan ahead for your next vacation to the north.

Exploring nature is unquestionably the finest way to de-stress and get away from the chaos and busy city. The Northern Lights are a fantastic way to unwind, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to see more of serenity.

The Northern Lights’ stunning splendour makes it one of the world’s seven wonders, as well as being uniquely attractive. After seeing the Northern Lights, you can capture your moments in images and share them with others.

The Northern Lights are undoubtedly one of the many tourist destinations across the world that you should put on your wish list and explore at least once in your lifetime.

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