Web-based learning or online learning is a type of long-distance education that happens over the internet. It is exchangeable with the term e-learning. Internet learning can incorporate online courses, tests, gamified puzzles, and certified training. In contrast to the ordinary learning in a classroom, online teaching makes the substance accessible for students on their smartphones and laptops. COVID-19 is one huge reason why the world had to suddenly resort to online teaching and learning. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of online learning –

  • Boons –

o   Reduced fees – Although teachers might be at a disadvantage due o reduction in their salaries, students have been at an advantage since the fees for online learning are lower than the practical classroom teaching. Online learning also eliminates many of the expenses such as travelling, stationeries, study materials etc.

o   Increased ease and accessibility – Students who could not focus on teaching in the classroom due to boredom, a distraction from colleagues are now able to focus properly in the online sessions. Teachers and students also don’t have to maintain a lot of notebooks since all the learning material can be made available digitally.

o   Better learning experience – Students are able to grasp knowledge effectively from the internet. If they missing anything during the lecture, teachers can still provide them with the recording of the lecture and digital notes in the Google classroom or any other platform that provides this feature.

o   Easy to notify students – Notifying students is easier since all you have to do is type notice and post it on the website or online classroom. Any announcements or exam time table can be just posted online and students can check it all.

  •      Disadvantages –

o   Require managing time – It is easier for students to just sit and attend the lectures anytime in the day but teachers have to prepare all week for the same. They have to make digital content that can be easier for students to grasp. All this takes up a lot of time.

o   Mischievous students – There are always some students in the class that are ill-mannered and try to disturb the class. A teacher is helpless and cannot do anything about such students over long-distance teaching. This puts a lot of strain on the educators.

o   Lack of interactions – Students are not able to discuss their views and ideas with their colleagues like in a classroom. Discussion about a topic is necessary for effective learning.

o   Not suitable for every subject – There are some things that cannot be taught online. Teachers have to explain it in classroom practically. Teachers also cannot organize a practical session of a particular topic. Practical learning is very important especially in the subjects of science.

These are the boons and banes of online teaching. Although it gained popularity after lockdown its effects will be seen even after the pandemic. Teachers will constantly rely on this technological advantage and combine it with classroom learning.

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