Hoodie Under Blazer

The comfy hoodie – but with a twist – is one of the most popular fashions rocking current fashion trends. Wearing a blazer with a hoodie isn’t simply another street style trend; it’s now a popular look that spans generations. Wearing a quarantine staple-piece hoodie under a jacket gives your overall appearance another aesthetic layer. Look for a narrow, tapered hoody with minimal designs or embroidery, particularly in a darker, solid colour. Wear it with a dark-coloured blazer. Slacks or jeans; Its your choice what to wear depending on the occasion, either will suffice.

Oversized Jackets

Unless you’ve chosen a tighter version, bomber jackets should always lie freely on your hip. Whatever the fit, the clingy cuffs should not go past or over your wrists. The cuffs should be snug, so if it hangs freely over your hand, consider a smaller size. In this example, the colours are nearly often neutral, empowering the undergarments for an effortlessly stylish look.

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans define today’s fashion trends better than anything else. LoveShackFancy & Alessandra Rich started a vintage trend that was immediately adopted by Forever 21, Zara and other fast fashion houses. If adding together a glam look is too much for you right now, a slim knit with your favourite jeans is the ideal solution. There’s something or the other for everyone, with styles ranging from embellished, or printed knits, basic button-ups to embroidered. If you need yet another layer of protection, pair these shrunken knits with slip skirts and a vegan leather jacket. Of course, a cropped cardigan looks terrific with jeans and boots as well.

Casual Trench

The trench has made its presence in every fashion season, and the most recent appearances were no exception. The glamorous trench coat has been a fashion mainstay for a long long time, even with an elegant military style. The casual trench is also ideal for rainy days thanks to the Gabardine fabric. Meghan Markle’s recent royal trips have revived the casual trench, which has been the coat of choice for great women for decades. To create a sophisticated yet military-inspired outerwear outfit, pair it with a cashmere roll neck and Prada tractor-tread boots.

Colour Clashing

Mixing bubblegum pink tones with bright greens will give your jackets and romantic ruffles a new set of life. Colour clashing is a pocket-friendly method to refresh your clothing and make a fashion statement. It creates powerful focus points by pairing clashing hues or colours you wouldn’t normally put together. Stick to simple shapes – think classic shifts, maxis, and pencil skirts – and choose colours that are opposed on the colour wheel to pull it off.

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