In a world where technology is growing every minute, people are striving for achievement and success as these things are ranked as top priorities. Society teaches us that having success, wealth, fame, and a name will bring us long life, happiness and contentment. However, success by itself cannot guarantee mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a material achievement which needs conscious efforts to produce. Simply, it is about awareness of our own thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judging. Success may give you periodic validation and pleasures, but it eventually will weather away with time.

Achieving success isn’t easy, and it comes with its own challenges that hamper mindfulness. In today’s time, a person is constantly under pressure to perform more; this makes them fear failure and also makes them busy all the time. To reach first in this competition, one strives for success constantly, which prohibits them from having life’s simple pleasures.

In conclusion, success is critical in life, but it does not necessarily mean a successful person is always happy. One must understand the value of happiness and contentment to have them in their lives.