The small rocky reef at the top of the Sibley Peninsula in northwestern Ontario, Canada, is prosperous in silver, but mining and digging this valuable metal is a nightmare. Ample of the silver is located below the surface of Lake Superior, and anybody who has ever stayed on the coasts of this great lake learns that it is extremely risky and incredibly dangerous.

Extracting silver from beneath the lake would need building a wall to resist water away and pumps would have to be kept running continuously to empty the water that would often accumulate at the bottom of the mine shaft. Faced with this startling possibility, the Montreal Mining Company, which initially maintained the land, sold it to Alexander H. Sibley’s Silver Islet Mining Company in 1870.

SHOCKING!!! Have A Look At This Underwater Mine Of Silver Islet 2

Alexander H. Sibley was completely conscious of the problems that lay ahead, but he had belief in his partner William. B. Free, who was also the head engineer. William Free and his workers labored 18 hours a day building timber breakwaters, foundations, and a cofferdam around the vein of silver. It cost Sibley just fifty thousand dollars and with only 34 laborers they had a mine set up.

The mining company then utilized a crushed rock to broaden the Silver Islet to over ten times its actual size and built a small mining town on the nearby coast. At its peak, the town had hundreds of homes, two churches, a saloon, and a jailhouse.

SHOCKING!!! Have A Look At This Underwater Mine Of Silver Islet 1

The Silver Islet mine had occurred to be one of the richest silver mines in the world. Numerous chunks of silver nuggets that had to arrive from Silver Islet mine were so pure they didn’t need smelting. In over thirteen years of procedure, it had produced approximately 3.25 million dollars worth of silver, $1,300,000 in its first three years alone.

People assume that Silver Islet still holds vast riches, but nobody has challenged to fight Lake Superior again.

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