“Hating people because of their colour is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which colour does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” ― Muhammad Ali

It is indeed wrong. Imagine you have to wear braces for a while on your teeth for proper alignment. When this happens you probably don’t even try to smile just because you feel embarrassed. That is exactly how black people feel or rather, they are made to feel that way when they fall prey to the curse named racism. It is not only demeaning for black people but also highly unethical for people who behave poorly against black people. Recently we may even have heard about a movement that originated in the United States and quickly spread across all nations namely ‘Black Lives Matter’. It started with some racist cops abusing their power against a black man named George Floyd, who lost his life to their aggressive violence. Black people want nothing more than just to be treated equally to white people.

Every time a white person treats someone poorly or demeans them based on their race or colour, it is a failure for our society as humans, who are supposed to be above all other beings when it comes to intellect. Building huge skyscrapers, world-changing inventions and spending billions to explore the mighty universe is no good if we can’t even eradicate something as ignorant as racism. It is more shameful that this practice of judging people by their appearance has been going over since decades now, and yet even the most educated people act poorly when it comes to people’s appearance.

  We have to think beyond these petty thoughts and narrow mindset if we wish for humanity to survive. The only religion or race everyone, each and every being on this earth belongs to is ‘humanity’. If you have ever been mean or unjust to someone who is not of the same race as you, then you need to start thinking about your life choices because this attitude will doom you in future. You need to open your mind to new possibilities and accept everyone based on their character and their looks. Only then you can be truly called a human.