Player Unknown’s Battleground also known as PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game that is owned and controlled by Bluehole company. It was released as a PC game on December 2017 on windows and for android and IOS users it was released on April 28th 2018. The was made famous in India by a gamer who is known as Dynamo (Aadi Sawant) who has a YouTube channel known as Dynamo Gaming. This android game got much popular in a very short period. It also crossed over 100 million downloads on Google Play store. The youth of this generation are too much addicted to this game, although it was recently banned in our country, India. The game is based on simple rules. There is a total of 100 players in the arena, in order to survive in the game, you have to kill the other players and you can loot the crate which is left behind when they die. After every 3 to 4 minutes, the play area shrinks so you have to get to the safe zone shown on maps. And the last man standing is the winner and he owns a title which is ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.’ To play the game your phone should meet some expectations that are your phone should at least have 4Gb of Ram, a good processor, and minimum 2 to 3 GB of storage and you are ready to go.

If we talk about the influence, it cannot be discriminated as good or bad. It’s up to the people playing the game, about how serious they take the game. The game is highly addictive and once everything gets interesting then there is no turning back. You could play this game for hours and hours and never get bored, all you need to have is a 4-players squad. One of the advantages is you can create a YouTube channel and stream, there is more fun in watching than playing. Famous YouTubers get paid for playing this game. Shroud, Ninja, Chocotaco are some of the streamers. One of the bad influences is the young generation gets so crazy and worked up about this game that they ruin their career. Itis a game and should be played with a spirit of playing a game and nothing more serious. After repetitive cases coming up about kids getting addicted to this game and spending hours playing the same, the game developers even added a warning system to alert the players to stop after playing for some time. So, whether you play or not, it is a fun game and should be played as a game only.