A person meets different types, castes, religions, places, and people in their lifetime. And this starts from the moment you come out in the world. The world offers you, different people from the moment you come out of your mother’s womb. And the very first one is the doctor or the nurse. But in life, everyone you meet will not be a pleasure to meet. Some may inevitably make you feel good, while some may give you dissatisfaction.

Humans are complex creatures. Everyone has different and diverse personalities, backgrounds, experiences, etc. Undoubtedly everyone wants to meet good people in their life, but the fact doesn’t change, and it is impossible to meet only good ones. You may have to encounter them.

However, these meetings leave a lasting impact on our lives. Some people may criticize, manipulate, belittle, be disloyal, or be arrogant, while others may create a good impact that may inspire, teach and give you a good experience.

You may feel happy about the good encounters and may cherish your whole life. But you should understand and ignore the negative encounter that hinders your progress, restricts you from taking risks, and makes you fearful.

In conclusion, you should prepare yourself and be strong enough to face all life’s ups and downs. Also, avoid the people who have an ill effect on your life and always give negative vibes.