Because forgiveness necessitates strength, the remark emphasises that forgiveness should not be viewed as a sign of weakness. Forgiveness is a change of heart that occurs when a victim, rather than retaliating, chooses to forgive mistakes or offences.

To forgive, one must be able to control their wrath. Anger drives us to seek vengeance and impairs our ability to think. To forgive, one must understand the difference between offender and crime. Beyond the immediate threat of vengeance, one must identify and address the core cause of injustice or offence.

To forgive, one must consider the adage that “tit for tat would blind the globe.” We forgive those we care about easily because we believe in their ability to change. To forgive others, even strangers, one must trust in the kindness of humanity in all people and that there is always the possibility of reform.

When the victim believes the offender is remorseful and understands her faults, forgiveness is generally forthcoming. Even when one is wronged, maintaining composure and deep insight is required to see others’ sentiments.

When the victim believes the perpetrator is remorseful and understands her faults, she is more likely to forgive. Even when one is wronged, composure and great insight are required to see others’ sentiments. As a result, forgiveness is a quality shared by emotionally educated, empathic, equanimous, and reasonable people.

Materialism and individualism are on the rise in today’s world. Many of the socio-economic disputes that we see around us are founded on rash retaliation and outbursts of rage.

For our grievance resolution, we must learn the way of satyagraha. Satyagraha is a nonviolent strategy for bringing attention to the reality behind a problem. The satyagrahis are willing to suffer pain and injury in the process, but they do not despise the perpetrator.

Hatred creates rage, which manifests itself in violence. Instead, they would forgive the perpetrator and implore him to see the truth through his humanity. Persuasion has more power than violence. A long-term change of heart. The strong, not the weak, could bear suffering, forgive, and still fight for such a transformation.

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