Life is a challenging journey where everyone wants the best thing to happen to them but lacks giving effort. The phrase ‘Live It or Leave It’ is a motivation for people that can keep them moving even under challenging situations. It caters to embracing a positive mindset, welcoming opportunities, being willing to take risks, and enjoying the journey no matter what.

The motto has a simple meaning that tells an individual to pursue one’s dreams, goals, and desires instead of just passing days. Here is what Live It or Leave It means.

Firstly embrace life; fed up with the problems and issues in life, people upset themselves. However, one should live with passion, enthusiasm, and encouragement to make the most of every second.

Second, don’t be afraid of failure and avoid taking risks. Instead, step out of your comfort and conquer the world. Taking risks helps one to grow personally as well as professionally.

Thirdly, live in the present moment with all your energy but don’t forget to follow your dreams for the future. Have a balance between the both that can lead you to a great life.

In short, Live It or Leave It inspires individuals to adopt a type of mindset that helps them live their life to the fullest and pursue what they want.