One of the largest cities in Rajasthan, Kota is perched on the banks of the Chambal River and is well known for its magnificent forts, regal palaces, and beautiful gardens. This area was formerly a part of the Rajput Kingdom of Bundi, and its meticulously constructed royal castles will present you with a beautiful image of the bygone past. Your soul, heart, and intellect will also be blessed by a multitude of spiritual locations.

Jagmandir Palace

The Jagmandir Palace was built by a previous queen of Kota between the years of 1743 and 1745 in the center of the Kishore Sagar Lake. You may take a boat trip on Kishore Sagar Lake to see the palace’s breathtaking panoramic vista, and the striking red sandstone from which it is constructed will only add to its magnificent beauty.

Wonder Park Seven

In keeping with its moniker, the Seven Wonders Park has replicas of the stunning Seven Wonders of the World. You definitely get the impression that you are truly standing in front of the world’s wonders thanks to the rich workmanship and expert designs.

The Chambal Gardens

At Amar Niwas, the Chambal Gardens are a lovely setting for gaining quaintness and taking in the scenery of nature. They are built on the banks of the River Chambal. A charming pond, many types of luxuriant vegetation, and enormous trees will quiet your senses, and a suspension bridge erected over it will make travel simple for you.

Temple of Godavari

Another stunning structure in Chambal is the Godavari Dham temple, a popular tourist destination that exudes a spiritual atmosphere and good vibrations that can calm your inner self. Its architecture is exquisitely crafted from white marble, and the towers’ soaring heights will further add to its aesthetic appeal.


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