The co-pilot of the Air India Express Dubai-Kozhikode Vande Bharat flight had requested that the pilot in command (PF) go around and not land on August 7, 2020. Despite this, PF landed the aircraft with 189 passengers and six crew members the following day due to an AI Express captain shortage in Kozhikode. The Boeing 737 (VT-AXH) did not come to a complete stop on the tabletop runway and plummeted to a depth of 110 feet. The crash-landing killed 19 passengers as well as both pilots.

Captain Deepak Vasant Sathe and First Officer Akhilesh Kumar of Air India Express were killed in the incident in Kozhikode on Friday. Their families were taken to Kozhikode early Saturday morning from Mumbai and New Delhi.

Two Indian expats praise God for last-minute flight cancellations.

It may be considered good fortune, but for two Indian expats, it was God who saved them from boarding the Air India Express plane that crashed in Kerala, killing at least 18 persons on board.

Noufal Moin Vetten, an Ajman resident who works as an office boy in a Sharjah school, was scheduled to fly on the flight and had checked in on time.

Several injured passengers from the ill-fated Air India Express flight from Dubai that blew past the runway and crashed at the airport here have yet to recover from the terrifying moments that nearly killed them.

It was a dark Friday for the 184 people who, after a long wait, were able to board the repatriation flight from Dubai as part of the Centre’s Vande Bharat Mission to return Indians stranded overseas due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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