In a world where negativity is all around, it is difficult to be nice and kind to everyone. However, the answer to does it hurt to be nice is a big no. Being nice has positive effects on both you and the people surrounding you. These simple gestures promote kindness and positivity throughout the world.

Being nice has a positive impact on the kids around you. For instance, a small kid in your family will learn the things you do for others and for him and he will try to copy you. In comparison, if your behavior is dangerous and angry, the kid will also learn the same thing.

In other cases, sometimes people who cheat on you in a relationship or in business will always carry the burden of making someone unhappy because of their greedy or immoral behavior. Also, they are someone who ruins someone’s happy life for their benefit in a wrong way.

Being nice to everyone includes gestures like kindness, compassion, and respect. It means that you care for that person irrespective of whoever or wherever they belong.

Being nice doesn’t take much to do. You just have to be honest and genuine with people, helping them, and making them feel valued. And in return, this helps them be positive and productive. Your appreciation and nice words can also make someone smile.

Overall, being nice never hurts. It is a powerful way to make the world a better place. And also it costs you nothing. It’s a better way to spread positivity.