Are you wondering which continent Russia belongs to? Well, Russia belongs to both the European and Asian continents. Majority of Russian territory lies in Asian continent, however, most of the people in the country live in Europe.

The capital of Russia, Moscow is also a part of Europe.
Due to imperial conquests, the territory of Russia expanded into Asia. Since the country is now located in Asia and Europe, the people and cultures are a mixture of both the continents.

The continental borders between Europe and Asia are straddled by the Russian Federation. If you take in the geography, the Ural Mountains and Ural River is Europe’s eastern border and the river flows from the mountains and into the west corner of Kazakhstan.

On the western side, Russia shares borders with Norway, Finland, the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine which is considered as a part of Europe.

To the east of the Ural Mountains, the whole territory is a part of Asia. The eastern part of Russian territory is known as Siberia and it stretches to the east to the Bering Sea towards the north of North Pacific Ocean.

Russia shares a maritime border with Japan in the North Pacific Ocean. Apart from that, it also has common borders with various countries in Central Asia. These countries were once under the Soviet Union. It also shares borders with East Asian countries such as Mongolia, China and North Korea.

Russia is considered as the largest country of the world with respect to its vast land area.
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