Start by considering going off-season. Low season sometimes has more economical airfare and hotel options in addition to avoiding tourist hordes. Also, you might have a different vacation experience because many seasonal sights and activities might not be accessible.

Second, utilize budget-friendly housing choices like hostels or Airbnb rentals. These options may provide interesting encounters with other travelers or inexpensive lodging in a local’s house.

Third, order your expenses by priority. Create a list of the experiences and activities you hope to enjoy during your trip and rank them in order of priority. By doing so, you can allocate money for your most vital needs while skipping your less important ones.

Fourth, think about taking the train or bus instead of hiring a car or calling a cab. This offers a chance to explore the local culture and way of life while also saving a considerable sum of money.

Finally, search for inexpensive or free activities like exploring public parks or going to museums. These activities might offer a cost-effective way to get knowledge of the history and culture of the travel destination.

In conclusion, with some preparation and ingenuity, traveling on a budget in your 20s is feasible. Consider traveling off-peak, booking inexpensive lodging, prioritizing spending, using the bus or train, and seeking free or inexpensive activities. You can go to new places and make priceless experiences without going over budget by using these tactics.