Being compassionately connected

When it comes to our inner lives, rain may offer more than simply a pleasant justification for inside activities or outside frolicking. It may also teach us deep lessons about how to handle our mental moods in a kind and mindful manner.

Your outlook on life may nourish and purify you, just like the rain does. It may also result in chaos and catastrophe. It all depends on how and why you approach it.

What is deliberate thought?

Thoughts have a lot more power than we sometimes realize. It might be challenging to love oneself because we frequently mistake our beliefs for reality.

Intentional thinking is developing a greater awareness of your ideas and a greater willingness to confront and actively interact with those that no longer benefit you.

Recall that the acronym RAIN was initially used in 1999 by yoga and meditation instructor Michele McDonald. In order to encourage others to pause, think, and bring awareness to their inner worlds, McDonald created the RAIN idea. She is dedicated to guiding others to discover purpose, clarity, and compassion via her teachings.

Find out what your ideas really are.

Don’t judge them; just let them be.

Conduct compassionate research.

Being naturally aware, or not connecting with the experience.

Source: This Is Calmer

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