Paneer Do Pyaza is a Mughal era dish named after Akbar Mullah Do Pyaza as he had created the dish. The original dish was made with meat but later on, the vegetarians opted for paneer and mushroom instead of meat and that’s why it is known as Paneer Do Pyaza. These recipes are quite popular in Indian restaurants.

This recipe is made with onions. Usually, most of the paneer dishes are made with onion and tomato puree but this one is made with capsicum and tomato puree. Paneer Do Pyaza is served with roti, plain basmati rice, paratha, ghee, jeera rice, or other pulaos.


1. Blend capsicum, tomatoes, and cashews. Make sure the ingredients are raw and not sauteed. If you are opting for green or yellow capsicum make sure to add chili powder.

2. After making the puree, heat the oil in a pan and add some jeera and cardamoms. Once the jeera crackles make sure to add the finely chopped onions.

3. Add the ginger-garlic paste once the onions turn translucent pink. After the smell of ginger and garlic paste vanishes, pour the capsicum tomato puree.

4. Set the flame on medium and sprinkle some chili powder, salt as per taste, and garam masala. Add some coriander leaves as well.

5. Let the masala heat until oil oozes out. Now add 3 to 4 cups of water to make it gravy.

6. Cover it and let the gravy thicken. Then lower the flame and add paneer and Kasuri methi. Mix it well and let it cook for 3 minutes.

7. While the paneer cooks, saute onions and green chilies for 2 minutes in an oil or ghee heated pan.

8. Then transfer it to the gravy along with the oil.

Serve this delicious dish hot!

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