Recently, the latest one to stir up the internet was none other than a goose. Yes, you read that right! An unusual photo of a goose has gone viral after the bird flew in an odd manner. This shot of a goose flying upside down has left the internet users surprised and amazed, with many suspecting it was photo-shopped. The Bean Goose was circling in the air backward. Photographer Vincent Cornelissen captured this image of dark grey-brown Bean geese flying in Arnhem, Holland. The goose’s body is upside down, and its neck and head have been turned 180 degrees around to their original orientation, as per Times now reports.

Whiffing refers to the act of a goose rotating its body 180 degrees. This acrobatic maneuver, which resembles a leaf in free fall, can be employed to avoid predators, but geese have also been observed striking this stance when choosing a longer, slower descent from the sky to better examine the region, as per daily Sabah reports.

According to reports, because the weather was poor, the photographer put on his raincoat and sat against a tree with his back to a tree overlooking a lake. One of the three geese seemed to have difficulty flying in a straight line.

Cornelissen assumed the bird was experiencing difficulty flying due to the wind. He went on to take several shots of the bird because he appeared to be struggling. However, he later realized that he had indeed captured someone unusual and fascinating.

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