The ongoing situation all over the world has taught us a lot of lessons and learnings. The basic principle taught is that we should be prepared to face any situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the world, changing the lives of billions of people. This toll has been too high, with immeasurable suffering, countless deaths, and too many unheard voices.

“Take your time but don’t waste your time.”

 Preciousness Of Life

Pandemic was an eye-opener when it came to a lockdown and taking charge of our homes in our own hands. We realized how dependent we’ve always been

Work From Home-

WFH culture has become the new normal, we have been able to save our travel time, conveyance charges, a daily pair of clothes, and additional stress of being stuck in gridlocks.

Family the biggest Institution –

The family is the most important institution is what we have learned in our lives during this period of covid 19.

Find Happiness in little Things-

Who Knows when their worlds would come crashing down and their life would be filled with sadness. We were so busy in the larger events that we failed to appreciate the little moments

Health is wealth-

The pandemic taught us the biggest lesson that health is over everything. It was seen in many cases that a healthy person was able to fight the virus due to a strong immune system. We learned setting healthy boundaries is a crucial form of self-care that is not always easy.

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