Five places where it is really difficult to get a visa for Indians are;

1. North Korea

The notorious North Korea has many curious travellers from around the world to discover the intriguing country. However, travelling to this land is a tad bit difficult.

The only way to go to North Korea is through organised tours that pass through China. It is illegal and dangerous to travel through secret channels. Also, it is quite a challenge to get a visa.

2. Russia

Russia does not easily give visa-free travel, instead it involves a very long process. The world’s most powerful passport cannot be compared to Russian visa requirements.

The applications for Russian visa have to be submitted in person and there should be no mistakes in online form filling or else it would lead to rejection.

3. Saudi Arabia

No matter what glorious wonders are in store in Saudi Arabia, it follows strict rules when it comes to the visa entry process. Women travelling alone to Saudi Arabia are supposed to have a sponsor to hold their passport in the country.

The couples travelling together are supposed to be married. An application for a visa gets rejected without a sponsor or a marriage certificate.

4. China

China offers visa-free travel only for 72 hours but if you are planning to stay for much longer they are prepared for a tedious and lengthy process in terms of visa application which may even take 2 to 3 months.

5. Pakistan

To qualify for a Pakistan visa you need to have a sponsor. The official invitation letter which explains the relation of sponsor to you and the reason for travel plan must be provided by the sponsor.

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