Traveling the world while on vacation looks intriguing, but the protracted visa application process is a pain. You don’t need to think about it too much, though, because I’ve selected the top five destinations in the globe to which Indian citizens can go without a visa.


Indian nationals are welcome in the lovely neighboring nation of India without a visa. If you want a picturesque location for your holiday, This Land of Happiness is a terrific option. It is not recommended to miss the breathtaking valley vista from Buddha Point.


Yes, Indians are welcome to enter this paradise on earth without a visa. The Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination because of its abundance of coral reefs, azure lagoons, and gorgeous beaches. All you need is a passport and a return ticket to enjoy the Maldives’ deep blue oceans, ramshackle cottages, and peaceful beauty.

Hong Kong

Indian citizens are granted 14 days of visa-free entry to Hong Kong. You can easily go to Disneyland, take advantage of the night market, and go shopping indefinitely thanks to it. By ascending the Peak to get a panoramic perspective of the entire city, you can make the most of your 14 days in Hong Kong without a visa.


Travelers do not need to carry a visa when visiting Mauritius because the country issues visas to Indians upon arrival. Visitors are captivated by the beaches, waterfalls, and breathtaking natural beauty, and if you’re an Indian, you’re in luck since you may come without a visa.


Both a passport and a visa are not required to enter Nepal. It is worthwhile to visit this site of cultural and historical significance.

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