Indians find it extremely challenging to obtain visas in the following five countries:

1. North Korea

Many curious tourists from around the world visit infamous North Korea to learn more about the fascinating nation. However, getting there is a little challenging. North Korea can only be reached via organized excursions that travel through China. Using underground routes to travel is prohibited and risky. A visa might be quite difficult to obtain.

2. Russia

Russia does not easily give visa-free travel, instead, it involves a very long process. The world’s most powerful passport cannot be compared to Russian visa requirements. The applications for a Russian visa have to be submitted in person and there should be no mistakes in online form filling or else it would lead to rejection. A fairly drawn out process is required in order to travel without a visa to Russia. Russian visa requirements cannot be compared to the strongest passport in the world. Russian visa applications must be filed in person, and any errors made when filling out an online form will result in denial.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia adheres to rigorous standards when it comes to the visa admission process, regardless of the beautiful delights that are in store for visitors there. Saudi Arabia requires women traveling there alone to have a sponsor who will handle their passports while they are there. The couples taking the trip together are ostensibly married. Absent a sponsor or marriage certificate, a visa application is denied.

4. China

Only 72 hours can be spent in China without a visa, so if you intend to remain for much longer, be ready for a laborious and drawn-out application procedure that might take up to three months.

5. Pakistan

You require a sponsor if you want to be eligible for a Pakistan visa. The sponsor must supply the official invitation letter outlining their relationship with you and the purpose of the trip.

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