You won’t need to turn on the stove to prepare this coffee; simply combine all of the ingredients to create the ideal chocolatey and icy drink for this hot summer. In the heat, we are frequently more thirsty than hungry. And we enjoy drinking all of the many types of drinks that might refresh us. Cold coffee has supplanted hot coffee, while chocolate beverages have surpassed chocolate. So we have Nutella iced coffee for you to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. After you’ve tasted it once, this will be your summer beverage. In 5 minutes, you can make Nutella iced coffee. You don’t need to turn on the stove; simply combine all of the ingredients to make the perfect summer drink.

Making Nutella Iced Coffee

Gather all of the ingredients, including instant coffee powder, ice cubes, cinnamon powder, Nutella, milk, and a cup of water.

To Make 1 glass of Nutella iced coffee follow the following steps:

1) In a blender, combine one teaspoon of coffee powder, one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of Nutella, a pinch of cinnamon, one cup of water, one and a half cups of milk, and several ice cubes, and process until well combined.

2) Place the crushed ice cube in a glass and pour the coffee over it.

3) When you’re finished, offer yourself this Nutella iced coffee, sip it, and enjoy.

Do not forget to treat your guests with this Nutella iced coffee.

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