After the wax has burned down, what else should you do with the mason jar? It’s a pity to throw it out, but keeping a stockpile of useless containers seems pointless. Unless, if you have a need for it.

First and foremost, make sure your candle jar is clean. Freezing glass candle jars for a minimum a few hours is the key to cleansing them. All of the wax pieces will set and solidify, allowing you to scrape it out without disintegrating. After you’ve completed all of this, try some of the DIY hacks listed below.

1. Make your own body scrub jar

Combine 1 part caster sugar or granulated sugar with 2 tablespoons coconut oil and incorporate lavender oil or any other fragrant oils you choose to make your customized body scrub. Use it to scrub yourself in the shower.

2. Coin jar

Put your loose change into a vacant container by the entrance doorway or on your nightstand to avoid missing it. Then, once a week, collect your money, roll it up, and take it to the bank or spend it on something nice for yourself.

3. Toiletries holder

Larger containers make wonderful brush and toothpaste containers, and you can load it up with a solution of water and vinegar to give your toothbrushes a nice cleansing occasionally.

4. Mini plant holder

Candle containers are ideal for storing small houseplants. Spread a layer of small rocks on the base to provide for drainage, and then fill with soil and seedlings. Your little plant containers will give your window shelf just the proper amount of green space.

5. Keep it on your desk

Leftover candle containers transformed into office desk decorations will complete your WFH area. Bigger jars should be used to keep taller objects like markers, pens, and scissors, while smaller jars should be used to store sharpies and staplers.

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