Plan Green

You may locate a green hotel or accommodation in any location with a little investigation. Green hotels that practice recycling and use sustainable energy are always a good choice for a place to stay when traveling. If you’re staying in a hotel, you can contribute by turning off lights when you leave the room, taking short showers, and reusing towels.

Finding Your Way

Instead of renting a car, use public transportation such as buses or trains, and bike or walk to get about a city. These modes of transportation are not only more ecologically friendly, but they are also far better methods to get to know a new location when visiting! If renting a car is necessary, choose a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Local Shopping and Eating

Avoid the chains found in your hometown while traveling and instead visit local businesses or restaurants. These decisions will benefit not only local firms but will also encourage them to source their goods locally, reducing the number of resources consumed in production and transportation.

Outside Exploration

Consider outdoor activities such as hiking or visiting a local farmers market while planning your vacation. Spending time outside will enhance your mood as well as your admiration for our magnificent planet.

Smarter Flying

Did you know there’s a more environmentally friendly method to fly? Frontier has lately been voted America’s most fuel-efficient airline. This means that flying on one of these planes saves you more fuel than flying on any other airline in the United States. They have introduced several eco-friendly activities in addition to their fuel-efficient planes to assist minimize the carbon impact one flight at a time.

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