Life is a game. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. And this doesn’t depend on how you perform but on your intentions. Life is all about ups and downs. Sometimes you may have to go through extreme sadness, and sometimes you will be overwhelmed with happiness. When you are happy, and you see someone suffering from grief, you should never laugh at them; a time might come when you have to face the same thing.

It happens several times that you live in a better situation as compared to other people around you. And this makes you feel proud and arrogant. But having these negative energies, behavior, and sense makes your lifestyle toxic. And this results in the decline of your success. So you should always try to be grateful in life rather than taking things for granted.

Those who laugh at others’ grief get pulled down into the same situation one day, and at that time, it becomes too late to regret. When you instill thoughts of sympathy, this helps you understand others’ situations and help them come out of them and also prevent yourself from falling into that situation.

In conclusion, you must always try to be positive towards life and be grateful for whatever you have rather than living in the egoistic world and ruining your peace and mental stability. Always be positive and supportive.