Tofu and paneer are popular products that are famous world wide. Even though both look way too similar they are different.

Paneer is made up of goat or cow’s milk. It is mainly used in a variety of Indian vegetarian dishes. Tofu has recently gained fame and it is a cheese which is made up of soy milk.

Both tofu and paneer are packed with proteins, iron and calcium, however, if you want to pick a healthier one, tofu is the one to go for. It has a peculiar taste which is why many people prefer paneer over tofu. When it comes to diet, tofu is preferred because it is high in iron and low on fats.

The calorie content in paneer is way too high compared to tofu. 100 g of tofu has only 62 calories while 100g paneer has 265 calories. Therefore tofu is a safe option for an ideal weight loss diet.

Tofu is sold fresh as well as processed unlike paneer which is sold fresh. This is so because paneer is perishable and tofu can last for a specific time period. Paneer has more proteins than tofu and therefore paneer is known for its high protein content.

Even though paneer is made from milk, it has lower carbohydrates compared to tofu. The carbs in tofu are less.

It is considered that cooking tofu at home can be tedious therefore, paneer is preferred which is easy to cook at home. Tofu is easily digestible and nutritious to the body.

Paneer originated in India whereas tofu came from China.

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