The Mi Pad 5 tablet of Xiaomi has gained great success in China. It is now planning to enter the global market to compete with Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy Tab S8. According to the Gizmochina portal, in the world of gadgets, the Xiaomi firm made a sale of 200 thousand tablets within 5 minutes of its new Mi Pad 5 model after its launch in China. It is a good precedent as the Asian company is trying to compete with Apple’s iPad in the international market.

Additionally, Xiaomi has surpassed Apple by becoming the world’s second producer of mobile phones. However, there has been a problem of overselling and shortage of accessories with the recent craze for Xiaomi launched tablets.

The company failed to meet the demand for the keyboards and stylus for all the buyers. The company reported that it would soon solve the problem of lack of stock so that the people who bought the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 can enjoy the gadget with the necessary accessories.

The special features of Mi Pad 5 are that it has:

· Snapdragon 860 processor

· 11-inch 120Hz display

· 128 to 256GB storage


· An 8MP selfie snapper

· 13MP main camera

· MIUI Pad version

· 8,720mAh battery

· 33W fast support charging

The price of this tablet is from $310 for the basic version with 6GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory to $540 for the Mi Pad 5 Pro. These features of the tablets make them attractive and competitive in the market.
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