Action films and their mind-blowing have never failed to amaze their viewers. Similarly, Furious 7 with its astounding actions and car stunts have awe-trucked the audience.

Furious 7 has been full of car stunts and everyone has their own set of choices but the most interesting is the one where Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) decide to jump off from one very high skyscraper to another in Abu Dhabi in an expensive sports car. When they realise that the brakes do not work, they continue to run into yet another skyscraper.

This scene in the movie is shot using CGI no doubt and using various Hollywood tricks. It was the most plausible stunt in the movie. If you have seen Furious 7 you must have watched the gang drive the car out of the plane and the parachutes help them to land back safely on the earth.

Well, the behind-the-scenes of Furious 7 have revealed that the cars seen flying in the air were indeed real and it was filmed by pushing the real cars out of a flying C-130 cargo plane. The crew members pushed the cars from the plane which were equipped with parachutes and got the skydivers to film it as they landed on the ground.

Although it is quite impressive and thrilling, it is also horrifying. There were obviously some CGI aspects but major stunts in the scene were actual real-life scenes.

The clip below will give you a hunch of the scene shot.

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