A decent makeup look isn’t complete unless you use eyeliner. Even if you wear minimal makeup, a little drama in your eyes will accentuate the look and make your eyes appear lively. While applying eyeliner might be difficult for beginners if you get the hang of it, you can incorporate it into your regular routine. After all, a decent eyeliner application is ideal for sprucing up and maintaining your look.

From winged eyeliners to double wings, layers, stretched lines, floating eyeliner, the use of bright colors, and designs in the corner of the eyes, the eyeliner game has changed over time. Graphic eyeliner is meant to be entertaining and eccentric. Mixing different tones will give your overall design a dramatic impression. Following the success of the adolescent series Euphoria, adopting a graphic eyeliner look has become a fashion must-have.

Liner with Layers
This is regarded as a simple procedure. All you have to do is draw a winged eyeliner in black. Keep in mind that the wing is an extension of your bottom lash line, so draw it straight and sharp. On top, apply a second liner in a color of your choice and extend it beyond the black. To achieve an edgy style, use any strong colors to add a pop of color to your eye, as well as neon colors.

Crease That Floats
Begin by identifying the crease (which is the fold between your brow bone and socket). This eyeliner will be applied above your crease so that it may be seen while your eyes are open. Use a highly pigmented liner to draw an arc slightly above the crease and follow its curve. Remove any excess eyeshadow (if any) from your lids with a flat brush and concealer. You can choose to leave your lower and upper lash lines naked as well.

Liner with two lines
Make a winged liner first, then a double line by starting at the tip of your liner and outlining a section of your crease with dots. Then join the dots to create your spectacular double liner!

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