Phrases are the most wonderful things that have ever happened in the world for avid readers. They’re the gates to otherworldly realms. It’s the terms that they adore, both large and little, that find their place into their books and into their lexicon. If you are a book lover then these are the words that you should be aware of.

1. Bibliolater – Someone who is a book aficionado.

2. Tsundoku – The act of picking up a book and then keeping it unopened, usually by stacking it with other unopened books.

3. Literari – Individuals who are passionate about literature or the arts

4. Readadultery – The process of betraying one book by perusing another at the same time.

5. Perfictionist – A fiction reader who has great hopes.

6. Florilegium – A collection of writings

7. Bookklempt – The empathy state that results from finishing the last book in a sequence for which there are no further books and you are not yet psychologically ready to start a new book.

8. Shelfrighteous – A sense of supremacy when it comes to one’s bookshelves.

9. Bibliogenesis – The printing of books

10. Scrollmate – A writer with whom the reader has a strong bond.

11. Frontispiece – A drawing that appears before and usually faces the opening page of a book or publication.

12. Bibliotherapy – The usage of reading materials to assist in the resolution of personal issues or as part of mental treatment.

13. Exordium – A brief portion of a book that introduces or describes the major content.

14. Wordie – A word nerd or a lover of words

15. Shibboleth – The usage of language that is considered to be unique to a certain tribe.

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