Summer has arrived in full force across the country. As temperatures rise, we strive to battle the heat by staying hydrated and replenishing our energy levels. The importance of staying hydrated during the scorching summer months cannot be overstated. Shikanji, also known as Nimbu Pani, is a hydrating drink that is popular in Indian households. Lemon is a popular summer ingredient due to its health benefits, such as hydrating the body and aiding digestion. It also has an acidic and sour flavor, making it a refreshing and revitalizing drink. There are, however, numerous more summer cocktails that do not require the use of lemons at all. Without the citrus fruit, try these summer coolers.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a traditional summer drink made with the goodness of raw mango. The tangy flavor comes from the raw mango itself, thus no further souring ingredient is required.

Bael Sharbat

Summer wouldn’t be complete without bael (wood apple) sharbat. This summer cooler has been suggested from time immemorial and is very simple to make at home.

Cucumber and Kiwi Juice

This cucumber and kiwi juice will keep your energy levels high and your body moisturized. You will not be disappointed, we guarantee it.

Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelons, one of the most refreshing seasonal fruits, are an excellent method to stay hydrated during the summer months. This twisted smoothie is a fantastic dish that doesn’t require any lemons at all.

Imli Sharbat

If you miss the sourness of lemons, why not try Imli instead? This Imli Dhania Sharbat is a great way to revitalize your senses and thrill your tastebuds.

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