Travel is something we all love. You may deny this, but if you are emotionally wondering, you want to explore. Girls love to travel without hesitation, as girls are always depicted as weak in traveling alone. We are only allowed to explore at school picnics and college camps. But in this era, girls are not inferior to anyone else, so they want to travel abroad somewhere. Especially in Europe from a young age to today, I wonder how beautiful and unique Europe is and where to go if I have the opportunity to go there.

The places you can visit in Europe are:

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is located on the east coast of the river Liffey, Ireland. Its historic buildings include Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, built-in 1191. The National Museum of Ireland exhibits Irish heritage and culture.

Rome, Italy

This is where our beloved couple Virat and Anushka “Virushka” got married. Rome should definitely be on your to-do list. You’ll need to visit the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, or the Colosseum, but make sure you have enough time to eat and win.

Greece, Santorini

When you think of Greece, everything is white and clean, with a blue roof. If this is your dream, book a flight to Santorini and relax in a comfortable environment where you can sit for hours and watch them tirelessly and have fun again.

Paris, France

This is a dream place for every couple who once in a lifetime wants to visit Paris. The city is famous for its delicious drinks, food, and culture. It’s the best place to visit for an art lover.

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